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Welcome to my bat links Page

Bat's Shouldn't be Pets

Bat Houses

Soil Care 1

Katie's Favorite Clip Art Pictures

The Icon Browser

Bat Information Resource Area

Vermont Bats

bat Exhibit

What's So Bad About Bats?

Animcal Bytes : Bats

Bat Ecology and Bioacoustics Laboratory

Dick E. Bird News : Bat Building Facts

Focus On Rabies

Frequently Asked Quesions About Bat Houses

The Buzbee bat house Temperature Plot

Echo Chamber : The Global bat Call Library


Putter's Bats

Basically Bats Home

Shetland Wildlife Pages - Bats

Ice Age bats

Marty Magic Bat Cave

Masters of the Night Bat Quiz

Echolocation Tape

Welcome To Heather's Bat Page

Another Bat Page

Bats Are Beautiful

The Bat Poet Page


The Bat Interest Group of Gauteng


Bat Conservation and Information Page